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Canaco Accusquare Mule Router Fences

Depending on who you are, you may be a 'hand router' or 'table router' person. There seems to be two schools of thought on the subject, and of course, the merits of both are hotly debated among woodworking professionals and enthusiasts.

In our opinion, it’s simply a case of “The right tool for the right job”, and there are definitely times when your router table is going to save you a lot of headaches. But even in the biggest workshops, finding enough space for all your tools can be a job on its own. A good, solid router table that doesn't take up a lot of space in your workshop is something any wood worker can appreciate. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution that works for everyone.

Router Pro Router Table with Insert Plate

Unleash the full potential of your saw table

The Mule Cabinetmaker Router Fence with Insert Plate is a way for you to take advantage of the sturdiest, most reliable stand in your workshop – your table saw.

The Mule Router Fence simply bolts on to your table saw rip fence and has a dust extraction port to make the perfect woodworking centre.


Not only is it rock solid and sturdy, it’s also designed to let you use all your Mule Table Saw accessories already installed on your table saw. That means you can use your Accusquare Rip Fence system with no hassle, effectively making it a two-in-one tool for both table saws and router tables.

  27 inch Router Pro Router Table -                 makes a great rock solid extension table!

Read on to find out some of the ways a Mule Cabinetmaker Router Pro Router Table can help you with your table routering needs.

Features & Specifications

Router Pro Router Table - diagram

Router Pro Router Table with Insert Plate - allows for Easy Access! The Mule router plate slips out the bottom of the table and allows for easy access to adjust your router or to change the bits.
Router Pro Router Table with Insert Plate - Easy use!

No need to remove our router plate if you want to use your router for hand routing.

Our 8” x 8” base plates come with a starting pin as well as two pins and predrilled holes so you can use your router for hand mortising or cutting a groove down the center of a piece of stock. Just hold one pin on each side of your stock and your bit is centered, plunge and cut.

Will it fit my my router?  
Fits even the heavy weight 3 1/4 HP routers!
Router Pro Router Table - also fits 3/4 HP routers.

The clear router plate with removable rings is
designed to accommodate even the heavy weight
3 1/4 HP routers and won’t sag under pressure.

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Router Accessories

M-2 Router Pro router table M-2 Router Pro Router Table  
Out of stock
$20.00 Shipping
Split fence system
Attaches easily to the rip fence rails
Tilt out feature to accommodate larger routers
Accepts all size of router bits
Standard template bushings fit the smallest ring
Safety starting pin included
Router plate included
Attaches on the Accusquare Fence System

M-4 Router Pro router table M-4 Router Table Fence  
$20.00 Shipping
For use without the ACCUSQUARE Rip Fence
Comes with an angle bracket that attaches to the router table instead of the rip fence
T-knobs slide along aluminum extrusion T-slots on router table for easy adjustment and removal
Complete with dust collection port
Lifetime warranty covers both home and commercial use

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